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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Freeme Art Studio's 2nd Annual EGG DYING FESTIVAL will be held Friday, March 29, from 4 pm - 5:30 pm. The cost is $20/child with a $5.00 discount for add'l family members...that means, parents, you are welcome to come join us as well for a family event. If not, you are welcome to drop your child off. We ask that you participate with your preschooler if you register one at no extra cost unless you want to dye an additional dozen. The cost includes 1 dozen eggs/participant and all the supplies needed to create their masterpieces. Please e-mail us at freemeartstudio@yahoo.com if interested and we will provide the address

Friday, April 6, 2012

Freeme Art Studio offers children of all ages a place to find their inner artist.  Our studio is wherever we are.  What does that mean? We will pack up our high-quality supplies and bring it to your child's birthday party, special events, home-schooling communities and day-care centers.  Our vision is to expand awareness of art where it is often lacking in community offerings.

We could not be more excited and proud of what we have to offer.  Freeme Art Studio uses only the best quality supplies which allows participants to see their creations with the best media possible.  We offer several workshops to include Mommy & Me, Preschool Artistic Play, and Girls' Night and Boys' Night divided by grade levels.  We are soon to offer an Open House to include middle and high schoolers and Mom's Night Out. 

Our workshops are limited in the number of participants in an effort to create a personal, relaxed environment of which to express creativity.  No art experience is needed...only the desire to try new things in ways not usually experienced before.  Our workshops are not classrooms.  We do not set chairs at our tables for older partipants unless they ask.  We want them to feel free to seek inspiration from each other, praise fellow participants on their work, and ask questions from us and their friends.

Freeme Art Studio also offers several age-specific summer camps.  We are steadily working on our curriculum and are so excited for our campers to experience the best camps ever.  Our camps will offer a variety of  art including print, mixed-media, sculpture, and painting to name a few.  We are, no doubt, going to have your children wanting more. 

At the end of each workshop and/or camp, we spend the last 10-15 minutes allowing participants to choose their favorite piece of work, present it to the group and explain what their favorite feature of their artwork was.  This allows time for the children to examine what they truly loved, allows us an opportunity to expand on their strengths and reinforce the skills they learned, and finally, and most importantly, allows the group to applaud the presenter's work which creates a positive, supportive environment.  In turn, the participant can take pride in his/her work which further improves self-esteem.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Freeme Art Studio is that we are UNPLUGGED.  In a high-technological age, our children are becoming dependent on their iPod chargers and audio-converters, iPads, iPhones, anything that can be plugged in.  As technology grows, it has become a necessity to keep up with advances to ensure success as future businessmen and women.  Freeme Art Studio, however, depends on nothing but a desire to create a piece of art learning various techniques and processes along the way.  We encourage our participants to explore and experiment, not try to recreate what has already been created.  Our studio focuses more on having fun with the process than producing a perfect piece of art.  Certainly, we measure our success on knowing that they had fun, learned something along the way, and developed pride in what they created.